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Regional Malls


A majority of the regional mall assets in the United States today are troubled.  However, identifying the signs that a mall is in crisis requires careful specialized knowledge of the industry, and analysis of the varying revenue streams generated by a mall enterprise.  It also necessitates careful and thorough examination of the credit quality, credit risk, capital needs, and retail competition affecting the mall.  


Few property tax professionals are experienced in the valuation of mall properties.  Ryan J. Gibbs and The Gibbs Firm possesses special expertise with respect to these unique assets gained through preparation of many mall property tax cases, including trial and contested hearing work.  Ryan Gibbs has direct experience in achieving millions of dollars in property tax reductions for mall owners, receivers, lenders, and others parties responsible for the financial operations of regional malls.


Challenging the assessment of a regional mall is a delicate process, because often the mall is the largest taxpayer within the jurisdiction.  Bringing the special problems evident at the mall to the attention of the local jurisdiction, in a way that can be understood and accounted for, is a unique challenge that only an experienced advocate can overcome.


Please contact Ryan J. Gibbs, Esq. at (513) 381-3890 to further discuss how The Gibbs Firm can achieve the lowest lawful property tax burden on your mall property today.
























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